Ritter Forum



We're excited to present our first event on 6 February 2024 in the most futuristic city in the world – Dubai,

located between hot dunes of the desert and the crystal waters of the Gulf. 

An Implant Forum with Top Expert Global Educators.


Join us as part of the AEEDC Dubai Conference for education, stimulation and interaction.
Topics will include Bioengineering, Soft Tissue and Bone Regeneration, Full Arch Implant Dentistry,
Digital Planning and Design, Immediate Loading, Extraction Management and Partial Extraction Therapies.

Come learn in a beautiful and relaxed atmosphere. We hope to see you in Dubai in February.


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Dr. Alessandro Agnini
Dr. Andrea Agnini Prof. Raquel Zita Gomes Dr. Ricardo Kern Dr. Nilesh Salgar
Dr. Alain Romanos Dr. Christian Coachman Dr. Emad Salloum Dr. Bassam Rabie Prof. Howard Gluckman




09:00–10:00 am Drs. Andrea & Alessandro Agnini The nightmare of the peri implant papilla: surgical/prosthetic and digital management
10:00–10:45 am Prof. Raquel Zita Gomes, DMD, PG, MSc, PhD Guidelines for Loading Protocols in Implantology
10:45–11:30 am Dr. Ricardo Kern, MSc Immediacy Concepts for Perfection
11:30–12:15 pm Dr. Nilesh Salgar, DDS, Dip. ICOI,Surgical Instructor Implant success with Osseodensification & crestal sinus grafting
12:15–01:00 pm Dr. Alain Romanos How to deal with malpositioned placed implants in the esthetic zone?
02:00–3:00 pm Dr. Christian Coachman, DDS, CDT The Present and Future of Dentistry
03:00–3:45 pm Dr. Emad Salloum, DDS, MSc, OMFS Complications Vs Mistakes In Immediate Implantation
03:45–4:30 pm Dr. Bassam Rabie, DDS Surgical and prosthetic digital implant integration in the esthetic zone
04:30–5:30 pm Prof. Howard Gluckman, BDS, MchD, PhD The Evolution of Partial Extraction Therapies and Socket Shield



AEEDC Dubai – World Trade Centre
Sheikh Zayed Rd, Dubai, United Arab Emirates


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