The Key Implant Features

The Key Implant Features


The SB/LA Implant Surface

Why we use SB/LA – Sand blasted with Large Grit Acid Etched? When discussing the Implant surface treatment from a sales point of view it is important to note that most Implant companies have a similar surface treatment to SB/LA and should not be the major focus of the conversation:

  1. There are only two companies who use a certified SB/LA surface treatment. Ritter is one of them.

  2. Ritter Implants was the first to develop the SB/LA surface on Grade 5 with KKS in Switzerland and it was proven successful.

  3. Titanium Grade 5 with SLA is still the very best surface treatment in the world.

  4. Faster Healing questions – this is a marketing myth – if your son breaks his arm, how long does it take to heal? Every person heals differently and the only way to measure if an Implant is fully healed is through a Cone Beam CT scan. Capable of measuring the Hounsfield units at the surface of the Implant.

Ritter Implants are made of a “Grade 5” Titanium alloy (Ti6AL4VELI: 90 % Titanium, 6 % Aluminum, 4 % Vanadium), which goes through a special sandblasting and etching process.

Our method creates large surface differences that allow strong adsorption of plasma proteins and blood into the micropores of the implant immediately after insertion. Likewise, rapid osseo,integration and higher primary stability, which allows immediate loading, are guaranteed.

• Bone strengthening due to early Implant contact
• Increased stability
• Shortened healing phase
• Higher predictability of the healing process

Corundum sandblasting and acid etching of the implant surface
• Sandblasting creates a macro surface of 20–40 Μm (microns)
• Double thermal acid etching process creates structures between 1–5 Μm
• Material forms a hydrophilic titanium oxide layer

The SB/LA Implant Surface


The Implant Internal HEX

The internal hex connection (Platform) is the most widely used connection in the industry – the benefits are that compatible parts exist in every part of the worlds. Over 50 % of all Implant production are made with Internal Hex. This connection (or “platform connection”) is used by Zimmer®, Bio Horizons®, MIS®, Implant Direct Legacy® and many more. The Internal Hex is also the easiest connection to restore against the 2nd most popular connection the tapered Internal Hex. Often called a morse taper or conical connection.

The overall superior Implant design, by Dr. Maurice Salama attributes to the Ritter Implants Increased Primary Stability and High Insertion Torque values.

Tapered Hex, Morse Taper and Conical Connection are the 2nd most common connection and are used in popular manufacturers such as Nobel®, Hiossen®/ Ostem®, Neodent® and Megagen®. As you can see in the illustration that the body of the abutment engages into the body of the implant. (1) The manufacturers of these products claim that this creates a better seal between the abutment and the Implant than an internal hex. There exist no scientific proof of such myth. Contrarily the abutment weakens the coronal portion of the Implant and
coronal breakage is very common in these implants. In addition, the tapered shape of the connection creates a cold welding of the abutment into the implant, making nearly impossible to remove or replace an abutment without removing an Implant.

The Implant Internal HEX External Morse Internal

The Implant Internal HEX


The Implant Screw

The Ritter Implant Screw


The Implant Packaging

The LOT Number is clearly marked on the outside, so the treatment team can quickly and reliably identify the diameter and length of the implant. All implants are supplied in single or 10-packs; while prosthetic components are packed in single 20-packs. (some inventory may still be packed in 6 or 10 packs). The Ritter Spiral Implant SB/LA is protected by a sealed package with a sterile barrier. The implant is supplied including the Cover Screw, which is located in the bottom lid of the inner tube. (old packaging)

  • Clean & safe packed
  • Sophisticated design
  • Easy handling

The Ritter Implant Packaging

The Ritter Implant Packaging Handling

Ritter Implants single package top and side view. The different diameters are color coded and help with easy handling.


Diameter 3.75 mm
Length 10 mm
Apical ⌀ 3.2 mm
Platform ⌀ 3.75 mm
Surface SB/LA
Hex-Size 2.43 mm
Connection Internal Hex 3.75 mm
Spiral SBLA-3.75mm / L-10 mm
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