Ritter Implants Start Up Package

​Ritter Implants offers the Highest Quality Products made from Grade 5 Titanium with an SB/LA Surface Treatment Process, as well as:

  • True Platform Switching for Diameters 3.75/4.2/5.0/6.0 mm, as well as 3.0/3.3 mm. True Platform Switching eliminates many bone profile cases and the need for color coding, while reducing inventory.
  • Tapered with aggressive threads and internal hex connection
  • Custom Abutment manufacturing made easy with Ritter Authorized Labs
  • Peek Scan body - Multipurpose use as Provisional or Custom Healing Abutment
  • Compatibility - Ritter's internal hex is compatible with MIS, Zimmer, BioHorizons and Legacy.
  • Professionally designed Surgical Kit containing unique features designed by Dr. Maurice Salama that include: Multipurpose Starter/Lance/Marking Drill, Drills with built-in stoppers for every implant size and dimension, specially formed to collect more bone- Dual Purpose Directional and Paralleling Pins-Anterior Placement Hand Driver Handpiece Driver with spring loaded connection, Flatside Indicator and 3mm depth markings.

The Ritter Implants Start Up Package includes:

  • 20 SBLA Implants
  • 40 Prosthetics including Impression Copings, Healing Abutments or Restoration Abutments
  • Surgical Kit 

Over $10,000 in product for $5,999