Spiral SBLA


Diameter: 3.0 mm
Length: 10 mm
Sale price$149


Sand Blasted | Large Particle | Acid Etched | Platform Switch Capable | Tapered

The Ritter Spiral Implant provides strength, stability, and ease of surgical insertion with a flexible, easy to understand the prosthetic system. Through the use of our Ritter Surgical Kit, composed of a 3-in-1 initial drill and length specific drills, we have streamlined the surgical site preparation and reduced osteotomy prep time. Ritter€™s unique built-in platform shift and straight forward prosthetics allow for simple laboratory communication and case planning. Together, Ritter€™s precision and innovation ensure predictable quality results.

Strength: Industry Standard Grade 5 Titanium (Ti6AL4V) Titanium Alloy for high strength

Surface: Roughened surface enhances bone contact and stability

SB/LA: Grit blasted / Large Particle Acid Etched Macro surface of 20-40 microns and a Micro surface of approximately 2 microns

Connection: Prosthetically compatible standard lead-in bevel hex thread connection

Platform Shifting:

Standard Abutments fit across all regular platforms 3.75mm, 4.2mm, 5mm & 6mm

Narrow Abutments fit across both narrow platforms 3.0mm & 3.3mm

Tapered Body: Increases initial stability, increases the speed of insertion while avoiding adjacent roots

Dual Cutting Edge: Enhances self-tapping and increases ease of insertion

Micro Threads: Reduces crestal bone stress preventing loss of marginal bone and increases BIC (Bone to Implant Contact)

Progressive Threads: Eases stress points in the bone, produces higher bone compression with higher BIC in softer bone

Rounded Apex: Minimizes tear risk of the membrane in sinus lift procedures

Mountless Delivery System: The SB/LA Spiral Implant is protected by sealed packaging with two sterile tubes. The implant is fixed on a titanium shaft and can be easily removed using the motor mount or by using the mounting hand tool, and applying slight lateral pressure. The implant includes the cover screw.

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