The Original Ri-Quadro Spiral Implant (QSI) System


Diameter: 3.0 mm
Length: 10 mm
Sale price$134


Ritter Implant systems are manufactured using an industry-standard Grade 5 Titanium (Ti6AL4V) for enhanced strength and utilizes a roughened surface prepared with well documented SB/LA surface preparation for exceptional bone and soft tissue response.

The QSI Implant has a tapered body that comes on a spring-loaded carrier. The QSI utilizes the same compatible Lead-in Bevel Hex Thread connection and platform shifting abutments as the SB/LA Spiral Implant System.

Apical Blades

Allow for redirection and angle adjustment for parallelism during the insertion process.

Unique Threads 

Broader square threads in the upper body increase surface area and decrease bone stress while transitioning to sharper threads for self-tapping.


Add a greater surface area and reduce crestal bone stress, preventing loss of marginal bone and increasing bone-to-implant contact.

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