Quadro Spiral Implants (QSI - Narrow)

The QSI Implant is suited for surgical protocols involving soft bone types. The implant is self-drilling, self-tapping and condenses adjacent bone due to its unique shape and progressively adapting double thread design.

  • Designed for soft bone, immediate implantation and immediate loading
  • Allows for excellent primary stability
  • Can be inserted into smaller size preparations
  • Allows for directional adjustments during placement
  • Can be used in any region - anterior or posterior, upper or lower jaw
  • Ideal for total or partial edentulous cases, or for single tooth loss
  • Can be used in closed and open sinus lift procedures
  • Allows for single or dual surgical placement protocols
  • Ideal for bone regeneration and/or splitting crest technique

Available Sizes

(International Only)
Diameter (mm)33.3
Length (mm)10 11.5, 13, 1610, 11.5, 13, 16
Platform Diameter (mm)2.9 (3.0)

2.9 (3.0)

Hex Size (mm)22
ConnectionInternal HexInternal Hex

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Ri-Quadro Spiral Implant D-3.3mm / L-10mm (Narrow Line) RITTM-NL-QSI-3.3-10
Ri-Quadro Spiral Implant D-3.3mm / L-11.5mm (Narrow Line) RITTM-NL-QSI-3.3-11.5
Ri-Quadro Spiral Implant D-3.3mm / L-13mm (Narrow Line) RITTM-NL-QSI-3.3-13
Ri-Quadro Spiral Implant D-3.3mm / L-16mm (Narrow Line) RITTM-NL-QSI-3.3-16