Prosthetic Kit

The Ritter Prosthetic Kit contains sockets with silicone supports for drills, ratchets, and drivers. Our surgical cases are made from high quality polycarbonate material for the base and cover, and polysulfone and non-toxic silicone for the inner tray.

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Drill Extender with External Irrigation RITTM-DEX
Motor Mount Length 22mm for Prosthetics (for Hex 1.29) RITTM-MMA-22
Motor Mount Length 28mm for Prosthetics (for Hex 1.29) RITTM-MMA-28
Hand Hex Driver for Prosthetics Long - Hex 1.29 RITTM-HHDA-L
Hand Hex Driver for Prosthetics Short - Hex 1.29 RITTM-HHDA-S
Ratchet Driver for Prosthetics Long - Hex 1.29 RITTM-RDA-L
Torque Ratchet with Tension Arm RITTM-TRU-70BG
Ritter - Prosthetic Kit USA RITTM-RIB-PROS-KIT
Ratchet Driver for Prosthetics X-Short - Hex 1.29 RITTM-RDA-XS