Dr. Chris Mohler received his dental degree from Loyola University in 1986. Following three years of practice he entered the United States Navy dental corps where he rotated through all dental departments gaining valuable experience in comprehensive dentistry. He settled in the oral surgery department where he spent two years providing surgical service to active duty Marines and recruits. He was honorably discharged in 1994 and entered private practice and became a solo practitioner.

Dr. Mohler has been providing non-invasive, conservative TMD treatment for 20 years. He has been trained extensively in a neuromuscular approach to TMJ disorders studying under Dr. Clayton Chan. He studied further under Dr. Javier Vasquez  and Dr. Mariano Rocabado,  expanding his knowledge into Craniocervical Dynamics.. His experience in this field has led to the development of a concussion mitigating orthotic and he has been fitting a number of military units and athletes at the University of South Carolina. He was awarded a patent in 2018 following eight years of research, development and testing.

 Dr. Mohler is a fully accredited Fellow of the Dental XP implant program and also the ICOI. He is a member of International College of Cranio Mandibular Orthopedics. He has been involved in CAD/CAM dentistry for 20 years and as trainer for Patterson Dental for the last 10 years, trained many colleagues over the years. His greatest interest in CAD/CAM dentistry is in the development of protocols for virtually designed guided surgical procedures.

 He has been involved in the development of several fully guided surgical implant stents for complete arch revision. Dr. Mohler is currently working with the newly released Ritter guided surgery system.