Bassam F. Rabie, DBS, Chairman and CEO Presidential Esthetics Center & Institute
Became a prosthodontist in Pittsburgh, USA 1997
Fellow American Academy of Implant Prosthodontics - 1998
Fellow International Confreess of Oral Imlantologists - 2004
Diplomat International Congress of Oral Implantologists - 2006
Visiting lecturer Continuing Education Dept. Tufts Boston, USA - 2007
Visiting lecturer Periodontics Dept. of Milan University, USA 2010
Visiting lecturer, Periodontics Dept. Harvard University, USA. 2010
Visiting lecturer dental school Sharjah University United Arab Emirates - 2009
Board Committee member of Alexandria Oral Implantology Association 

Chairman & Medical Director and partner of Presidential Esthetics Center & Institute ( which is rated as one of The World's Leading Dental Centers 

Board Member of Masters Podium Advanced Dental Education 

Dr. Bassam F. Rabie graduated from the Faculty of Dental Medicine, Cairo University in 1992, where he received his BDS. He was appointed a teaching position in the Faculty of the Dental School for 3 years. In 1997 Dr. Bassam finished his Implant Prosthodontic Residency Speciality Program from the School of Dental Medicine, Pittsburgh,Pennsylvania,USA . Later the next year in 1998, he became a fellow of the AAIP (American Academy of Implant Prosthodontics). Since 1994 Dr. Bassam had his private practice and since 1997 he has been limiting his dental work to Implants and Prosthodontics. In the year 2000, he owned the EIC (Esthetics Implant Center) which was one of the Implant specialized centers in Egypt,and since 2002, Dr. Bassam started his own private implant courses in addition to other implant courses he directed and was involved with some of the Elite Implant Associations inside and outside Egypt. 

Dr.Bassam has lectured both nationally and internationally in many countries from international meetings to specialized implant courses specially in the topic of Biomechanicals Considerations in Implant Prosthodontics ,from a surgical and prosthodontic aspect and cosmetic and functional stability around implants in the esthetic zone, and Sinus Elevation and grafting techniques. Some of the countries are the United States of America, Spain, Italy, United Arab Emirates,Saudi Arabia,Libya and Syria. Dr.Bassam has demonstrated many live transmission surgeries in these implant courses. Dr.Bassam has published several articles in national and international magazines. Dr. Bassam now is a partner, chairman and medical director of the Presidental Esthetics Center & Institute which is rated the number one center in Egypt and one of the leading dental centers of the world.