DentalFix™ Mineralized Cancellous Particulate, 0.25cc


Particulate: Cancellous
Amount: 0.25cc
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CeDentalFix„¢ regenerative implants provide quality grafting solutions for the informed clinician.

Reliable grafting options are available in the form of DBM putty, dermis, Matrix OI® FlexIT, Matrix OI®, demineralized and mineralized cortical and cancellous grafts, including particulate bone, for optimal long-term osteointegration and esthetic results. Clinicians can avoid the need for clinically challenged secondary surgical site autografts associated morbidity by using CellRights DentalFix„¢ products.

Technologies® validated BioRinse„¢ sterilization process uses proprietary rinsing agents in multiple combinations designed to kill pathogenic microorganisms, vegetative bacteria, and spores. These steps include the removal of debris, blood, bone marrow, and lipids. The BioRinse„¢ process is a technologically advanced science developed for use in all product families including osteoinductive in-vivo verified Matrix OI® family of products. BioRinse„¢, in combination with our final sterilization step, ensures a medical device sterility assurance level (SAL 10-6 ) for all CellRight products.

The grafts should be stored in ambient temperatures (59-86°F or 15-30°C).

DentalFix„¢ implants are currently used in oral regenerative procedures including:

€¢ periodontal defects

€¢ tunneling soft tissue augmentation

€¢ sinus augmentation

€¢ extraction socket with partial Buccal wall

€¢ socket extraction procedures

€¢ repair of 3-wall defects

€¢ repair to access windows

€¢ sinus-lift with lateral access & lateral ridge augmentation

Elongated particle design for maximum surface area Indications for use: sinus and ridge augmentation, socket preservation, bone void filling.

€¢ Mineralized cortical particulate - jar

€¢ Mineralized cancellous particulate - jar

€¢ Mineralized cortical/cancellous particulate - jar

€¢ Five-year shelf life

€¢ Sterility assurance level (SAL) of 10-6


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