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Implant Q & A

Q: Does it hurt to have an Implant?

    A: No, you should expect very little discomfort which should be controlled by Tylenol. And you should be able to go back to work.


Q: How long does it take to place the Implant?

    A: For a single implant, about an hour.


Q: Will you be without teeth?

     A: NO, and temporary prosthesis can not be made until your implant has healed.


Q: What can I eat after surgery?

    A: For the first 48 hours ONLY cold liquids and soft cold foods. After which you can have soft warm foods on the side away from the implant. Always stay hydrated.


Q: What if I don't have a lot of bone?

    A: There are several techniques to increase bone volume and many types of implants that utilize minimum bone.


Q: What other factors are contra indicated for implant surgery?

     A: Age is NOT a factor. But smoking, diabetes, poor oral hygiene and generalized poor health can adversely affect implant survival.


Q: When should your Implant be placed?

     A: As soon as the tooth is extracted if possible. If not, then as soon as the extraction site has healed.


Q:  Are Implants as strong as your natural teeth?

     A: In many cases your implants are stronger and don't decay.


Q:  How long does the total process take?

      A: It takes 3-4 months to fuse the bone and then 3-4 weeks to make the final crown or prosthesis.


Q: Could my body reject the Implant?

       A:  Very unlikely, but your implant can get infected and fail. Or the implant can be traumatized and lost.


Q: How long can I expect my Implant to last?

       A:  Approximately 90% of implants last for over 30 years with proper care.


Q: Are Implants hard to maintain?

       A: No. But there are many techniques that will make cleaning of the implant more efficient and quarterly cleaning appointments are highly recommended.


Q: Are dental Implants expensive?

       A:  No, relative to all of the benefits implants are the best value for the dollar.


Q:  Are Implants covered by insurance?

     A:  Not in most circumstances.


Q: Will Implants set off the medal detector?

      A: No, but let the radiologist know that you have dental implants before you have an MRI.